Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap

Well, Jonathan's stomach bug caught up to me.  So I'm home from work at the moment.  Oh joy.

Anyway, Halloween. 
He wore his costume to school, and promptly took it off when we got there.  Not sure if the teachers got it back on for a class picture.  All the kids looked great.

I came home from work around 5:45.  His therapists that day had done some social stories about "Trick or Treat."  So when I asked if he wanted to go, he said, "Trick or Treat!"

He put on the costume, again, Handy Manny, which was a red and white baseball cap, a green tshirt (coat on over it b/c of the weather) and a yellow tool belt.  I held his tools, and we were off. 

We went nextdoor to our friend and neighbor.  He rang the bell...and then opened the door and let himself in!  It was OK, since we do go over a lot.  He then took his costume off, and we hung out for about 5 minutes or so.  He didn't want to put his costume back on, so I added it to my armload.

Next stop...our house!  Lots of trick or treaters were just leaving, so he wanted to ring the bell and have Daddy answer.  It was sweet.

We went to three more houses.  Each one he tried to go inside.  Once he was successful, but we knew those neighbors too, so it was OK.  After the third house, he turned to me and said, "Go home!  See Daddy!!!"

We made it home.  We passed out candy and ate our lot. 
All in all, not bad.  I'm glad he was able to express his wants and his limits.  He even said, "Trick or Treat" and "thank you" at each house when prompted. 

Now...on to Thanksgiving.  And then Christmas / Hanukkah.  Should be interesting, since he really is starting to understand these holidays now.  Should be fun.

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