Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everyone is an Expert

So I know there is a lot of information about Autism out there.  And I think it is great.  Awareness for the disorder is front and center.  Families are telling their stories, just as we are.  More and more people are becoming vocal, and it is empowering and wonderful.

Here is the catch.  I get unsolicited advice from people who may have watched a special or a documentary on this or that.  And all of a sudden, they are an expert. And really, sometimes I just don't want to hear it.  It's not that I don't want people to suggest things, or bring Autism up. It is just that this is sometimes hard enough as it is...and you're not living my life.  You're not HERE for the struggles, the tantrum, the tears.  You're not HERE for the joys, the laughs, and the breakthroughs. 

It is great that a woman from India tore paper to get her child out of his own world.  It is amazing that by switching to a strictly gluten-free diet, some kid can't even be detected as being on the spectrum.  And good for you, for trying the hyperbaric chamber clinic, that happens to be around the corner from my house. And the man who took his child to Mongolia to ride horses and see Shaman is a visionary, and did right for HIS family (it was a good read though).

We are doing the best we can for now.  We are taking this day by day, as any family can.  Do I want to learn more?  Of course!  But I need to get there in my own time.  And sometimes, I don't want to think about Autism.  Sometimes, I just want to watch TV, or be at work, or G-d forbid, relax.

I may be a little sensitive right now.  But these are my honest feelings.  I don't want to be unapproachable.  I think I must put up a good front...and at the same time, I feel like I'm always showing my cards. Just understand, none of this is easy.  And no matter what, we're doing the best we can, for now, for our son.

In other news...Potty Day is scheduled for Friday.  As the great Baby Bear said in "Elmo's Potty Time" movie, "We'll let you know how it all comes out...more or less." 

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