Sunday, February 26, 2012

Slow Getting Back to Normal

It has been way too long since my last blog post.
And honestly, it's because of me.
After Mike's surgery, a little time off of work, visit from family, I had a hard time getting back into the swing of things, in many different aspects of my life.
Diet and Exercise?  Who has time for that?
Blog? Ha!
Get child new pair of shoes because he is walking funny in his old one?  You better make an appointment with yourself to do that.

Anyway, things are finally caught up.  Mike is feeling much better and moving around great.  He has resumed his normal "Daddy duties" at home and work.  And he really is doing great.  Sore still, but great.  He started PT, which requires him to go on a few walks per day.  So this weekend we've enjoyed doing that together as a family. 

Jonathan is rocking and rolling.  Still loving The Beatles.  Although we listened to the new Farmer Jason CD about 10 million times this weekend.  But that is pretty rocking, so I think it counts.

And I did get him new shoes (finally), and resumed my diet and exercise routine as well.  Just in time for me to go out of town again.  Ha!  Can't win them all.

Therapy for Jonathan continues as always.  It is funny, because one week, I'll feel like he is progressing like no other child...shooting down expectations left and right.  And then the next week, I realize he still cannot communicate appropriately with his peers and schoolmates.  He can tell his therapists at table time what color a stop sign is, but can't answer someone when they ask, "how are you?"  I've noticed his echolalia (repeating phrases from TV shows, etc) has moved on to repeating comments I make.  It is so cute that he asks, "Do you love Farmer Jason?"  But I know he didn't come up with that on his own.  He has been asked that many times over by us. 

Anyway, I know progress comes in spurts and sputters...slow and steady.  And I bask in where we are today.  And remain hopeful for tomorrow for our boy.  We do have a therapy plan for social play with peers in the near future.  So looking forward to that.

One things is for sure...and Mike reminded me of this yesterday.  Our son is special.  Not just because of his  "special needs," but because of who he is.  He's our special boy.  I like that a lot. 

So that's it for now.  We're good.  Slow getting back to normal, but really, what is normal? 

Friday, February 10, 2012

And now an update on the boy

I've been home this week.  Been enjoying sleeping in a bit, and taking care of Mike's business stuff. Oh, and of course playing Nurse to my recovering patient.  It's been good to be home.

But really, I've enjoyed picking Jonathan up from school.  I usually am in such a rush in the morning when I drop him off.  But I have been able to watch him in action, from a distance, before he notices I'm there.  I love that moment.

I saw him sitting with his peers, eating lunch, reciting lyrics from "Going on a Bear Hunt" while all the other kids were eating.  He saw me, gathered his plate, threw it away in the garbage, and gave me a big hug.

I saw him playing on the playground.  He was playing alone.  But he was happy, by evidence of his running and flapping.  He climbed a small slide and couldn't figure out how to turn around once he got to the top.  His teacher helped him.

I saw him running around his classroom, and pick something up to throw it away.

Just these little moments, small reflections, of who he is when he is not with me.

I've also been listening to him while he has therapy in the afternoon.  The giggles, the screaming, the yelling in joy. He's had a few not so good moments, but overall, he has been happy playing with his friends (those are the therapists that come to the house).

He's been obsessing on The Beatles.  He is learning the words to lots of the songs, and totally singing the wrong words.  He also makes up his own words too.  "We all live in a yellow, brush your teeth."  Or "come together.  IPad,  Ohh me!"  He's been marching to "Daytripper" and trying to shake his hips.
He tells me to sing 1 then 2...meaning track 1 then track 2.  He usually plays his CD in the DVD player so he can watch the track numbers.  "I want 12" means he wants to listen to Daytripper.  "24" is Something in the Way She Moves.  "15" is Yellow Submarine.  He has another CD that only has a few instrumental songs of the Beatles (it is a RockABaby cd).  He plays number 7, and tells me "24."  That's because number 7 on this CD is Something in the Way She Moves, and on the other CD it is 24.  I love that he connects the two.

He also told me that "we go to library.  Play Thomas!"  He wants to go to the library to play on the Thomas the Train table.  So I told him we will go on Saturday.  He was sharing something he wanted to do!  And he was fine with waiting until Saturday to do it.  Now we have a date.

He just amazes me everyday. I know we have a lot to keep working on, but I can't believe what a big, funny, independent guy he is turning into.  He makes me so proud.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

UPDATE: Giants won and Daddy's OK

So, Super Bowl Sunday went the way of the Giants.  Mike was THRILLED!  Now he would be able to watch Giants Super Bowl highlights all week during his back surgery recovery.

Back surgery went well.  We were able to come home that night.  He is in a lot of pain, but is getting up and walking around.  He was so happy he was able to watch the ticker tape parade while laying in the hospital bed.  And now Rich Eisen here at home.  A happy, sore guy all around.

Jonathan is doing well.  When he came home the day of the surgery, he went to see Daddy.  He said "shhh" because I told him Daddy's body was being quiet and needed a rest.

I"m proud of both my boys. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Giants better win one for Daddy

When we started this blog, it was for the intention of discussing how Autism has effected our family and how we navigate the rough waters of our journey with our son.  But really, the blog is about our family.  And that is why I dedicate this post to my husband, Mike. 

It is Super Bowl Sunday. And Mike's beloved GIANTS are in the game.  Here was a pic from the last time they were in the big game.
When my baby was a baby!

My husband is a die-hard Giants fan.  He is a contributing writer for a blog called Big Blue View.
The Giants are like a religion for him.  So I guess that makes today Christmas.  
My boys.  One of my most favorite pictures.

So we watch the Super Bowl in the peace and quiet of our den, where Mike is free to mutter curse words under his breath or do a victory dance.

We could use a victory dance. 

Tuesday Mike is scheduled to have surgery for his back.  While this surgery is an outpatient procedure, and much less invasive as we originally thought, it is still surgery.

He has degenerative discs.  They are shaving a joint to allow room for his one disc to bulge, removing the pressure off his one nerve.  Mike has had back pain for almost eight years. PT, chiropractor, epidural shots, acupuncture, massage and pain meds have led us to this day. We have a lot of hope for a solution.

Mike puts on a brave face almost everyday.  But I know he is hurting.  And I know it weighs on him.

So here we go! Jonathan's book about "Daddy's Surgery" is written.  Babysitters lined up.  Days off requested.  Sister-in-law coming to help the following week.  We are ready for this.  We are hopeful for this.  Mike just needs some relief.  Wish us luck!  And some for the Giants too couldn't hurt.