Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Go Downstairs." Huh??

Most kids that are Jonathan's age talk about things that happened to them in the past.  Sometimes that past was 5 minutes before....but they talk about it.
"Mom!  Remember that time we went to the zoo?"
"Mom! Remember when the cat ate the bacon?"
Things like that.

Jonathan can't do that. He can't tell us the things he is thinking about or remembering. 

But if he really wants to do something or go somewhere he's been before, he tries hard to have us recreate what we did. 

Yesterday he came up to me with a piece of paper in his hand.
"Mommy.  List!"

OK.  So I got a pen and sat down with him.  And he told me what I should write.
"Number one.  Go Potty.
Number two.  Put on shoes and socks.
Number three.  Go blue car.
Number four.  Go downstairs.
Number five. Read "Pajama Time"
Number six.  Read "Snuggle Puppy."
Number seven.  Read "Barnyard Dance."
Number eight. Go blue car.
Number nine. Go home!"

OK.  So I looked at this list. And realized....I have no idea what he's talking about.
I knew he didn't mean downstairs at our house, since we have to travel in blue car.
And we have all those books. 
But I was at a loss. 

Maybe he meant going to eat at the Draft House, around the corner from us.  Last time we went, we brought those books.  And we sat in the downstairs area. 

So we got in the car and drove.  But when we made the left to go there, Jonathan started yelling, "Go right! Turn around!  Go Downstairs!"

So I thought....humm...we went to Barnes and Noble once.  They have a downstairs area.  Is that what he meant?  So I asked, "Do you want to go to the book store?"  He responded, "Go book store!" 

So we turned around and started driving.  Jonathan decided to direct us..."Go right.  Go left. Go straight to signs.  Two more lights."  His directions were taking us no where near the book store. And honestly, I still had no idea where he was taking us. 

So I drove us in the most round about way to the book store.  And he was content....until we got to the book store. 

"Jonathan!  We're here!"  I said when we pulled into a parking spot. 

"No,  go downstairs. No book store."

So I said, "Can you tell me about downstairs?"

This was a type of question they've been working on in therapy...having him tell them descriptions about objects.  I thought I'd give it a try.

So he said "It had a cover, and pages and you read it.  What is it?  A book!"

We were getting no where. 

Now, normally I wouldn't engage this type of mystery for so long.  But he was so adamant in what he wanted.  He knew what he was thinking.  And it broke my heart that he could not tell me more.  I called Mike (who was making dinner during our mystery drive).  He was as equally stumped and sad as I was.

So we drove home.  Jonathan yelled about going downstairs.  I told him we would have to try again another day.  It was getting dark.  He as satisfied with that answer.

This morning, he said "We go downstairs and read books?"

I still can't think of where he wants to go.  But we must have had a really good time when we were there.

And hey, he keeps trying.  And that is progress.

In the meantime, he has focused on something else to keep him occupied.  Like this new numbers game.

And we just keep trying to think of what downstairs really means. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend with Hamlet

This weekend was one that was a bit different for us.  Mike left for Kansas City on Thursday for a music/football weekend with a good friend.   So I was solo-Mommin' it.

When I picked Jonathan on Friday, there was a little bag in his cubby.  In the bag was a pink pig, a book and a journal.  There was a note explaining that this was Hamlet. He visits each child in the classroom at some point.  And in the journal, we could write what we did, draw pictures of what we did, etc.

Jonathan and I had such a good time with Hamlet, even though we really missed Daddy.  But I thought I would take the opportunity to share our weekend with you.

After therapy, Jonathan and I went to an Art Show.  Some of my co-workers were showing their pieces, and we took the opportunity to go to the event!

Everyone buckles up for safety!
Hamlet enjoying the art.

We also read to Hamlet.  The bag came with his favorite book.  So Jonathan shared one of his favorites.  He also wanted to show off his iPad skills.
Loving on some Hamlet


On Saturday morning, we took our weekly trip to Target.
Again, buckle up for safety!  Especially with JJ driving
Mom!  You think Hamlet would like some Cheez-Its?

Then, for a special treat! We went to Sutters Ridge, which is a pumpkin patch, apple orchard and corn maze.  We met up with Jonathan's friend and classmate, Thorley and his family.  Thorley, Jonathan and Hamlet enjoyed playing in the kid's area.  We also went to the corn maze and had a ton of fun!
JJ and H at the pumpkin "badger" (what JJ called it)
On top of a big 'ol barrel of hay

JJ and Thorley on the way to the cornmaze. 
In the maze!
Hamlet looking around.  We were lost.
Thorley and Hamlet found the picture of the piggy

Friends.  (This picture makes me tear up.)  Thorley is such a good friend!
Later on, we hung out at home.  We played outside, a little more iPad, and then just crashed.
Hanging on the stoop

Hamlet checking out all the aps

Everyone was tuckered out from the day.  Buddies gotta cuddle.

Hamlet accompanied Jonathan to my Weight Watchers meeting. Hamlet did not weigh in. (please note, no picture available). 

He did help us make cookies when we got home later.  Also, our neighbor Elena stopped over on her way to her special birthday party!  We had to get a picture with the birthday girl.

Elena and Hamlet rockin' out!

 Now we're waiting for Daddy to get home.  Jonathan is very excited for his arrival.  He keeps saying, "Daddy goes on airplane, then red car, then come home!" 

In the meantime, I've got to keep an eye on these boys.  You never know what they will get into....
No, Hamlet!  No!  That is just WRONG!