Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sometimes I wish I was Leslie Mann

We are two weeks into Big School. He has been doing great.  I love his teacher.  She seems to get him, and helps him. 

I'm struggling a bit with his special services at school, but it is the beginning of the school year, which I know is a hectic time.  But I hope for some constancy soon. 

He is so wound up by the end of the day.  Poor kid... he goes to school all day, and then has therapy until 6:45 everyday.  It is a full day for anyone.  And he just wants to stay up and sing, yap, dance, read, etc.  I think by having a new routine for the fall, he thrives... and it is hard to settle.

I did have a little boy in his class tell me I have a mean kid.  That my kid pinches the teachers.  Well, I already knew that.  My friends at work told me I should have gone all "This is 40" on the kid.

Honestly, it was funny, because this same kid told me the day before that Jonathan has his friend, and gave him a hug. 

But all in all, we are all getting used to our new routines and new schedules.