Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Giants better win one for Daddy

When we started this blog, it was for the intention of discussing how Autism has effected our family and how we navigate the rough waters of our journey with our son.  But really, the blog is about our family.  And that is why I dedicate this post to my husband, Mike. 

It is Super Bowl Sunday. And Mike's beloved GIANTS are in the game.  Here was a pic from the last time they were in the big game.
When my baby was a baby!

My husband is a die-hard Giants fan.  He is a contributing writer for a blog called Big Blue View.
The Giants are like a religion for him.  So I guess that makes today Christmas.  
My boys.  One of my most favorite pictures.

So we watch the Super Bowl in the peace and quiet of our den, where Mike is free to mutter curse words under his breath or do a victory dance.

We could use a victory dance. 

Tuesday Mike is scheduled to have surgery for his back.  While this surgery is an outpatient procedure, and much less invasive as we originally thought, it is still surgery.

He has degenerative discs.  They are shaving a joint to allow room for his one disc to bulge, removing the pressure off his one nerve.  Mike has had back pain for almost eight years. PT, chiropractor, epidural shots, acupuncture, massage and pain meds have led us to this day. We have a lot of hope for a solution.

Mike puts on a brave face almost everyday.  But I know he is hurting.  And I know it weighs on him.

So here we go! Jonathan's book about "Daddy's Surgery" is written.  Babysitters lined up.  Days off requested.  Sister-in-law coming to help the following week.  We are ready for this.  We are hopeful for this.  Mike just needs some relief.  Wish us luck!  And some for the Giants too couldn't hurt. 

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