Sunday, November 13, 2011

P-P-P Potty - Day 3

If you're still reading about our weekend, you must be either family, or really like me ;)

So today, I think was really successful!  We laid low and didn't really leave the house.

Looking at my "potty log" for the day, Jonathan successfully went 7 times on the potty, and only had 2 accidents.  We were going about every hour.  He had his 2 accidents back to back in the afternoon, so I moved our potty visits to 45 minutes - success - 50 minutes - success - 55 minutes, etc.  I think that helped him build up his confidence again to go on the potty. 

Funny, when he couldn't "go" he would look at me and say, "help.  help please."  Sorry kid, can't help you there!

And we did a lot of playing.  Putting puzzles together, played blocks, more time on the computer playing the Caillou games, and even threw in a few Handy Manny episodes.

I'm a little nervous for tomorrow.  But I need to let go and put him in the capable hands of his teachers, therapists and his Daddy.  I've just been the main go-to all weekend.  But a bird's gotta fly, right?  ha!!
This is the most potty success we've ever had.  So I'm feeling pretty hopeful.  At least for now.   

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