Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quirky Crap My Kid Does

Jonathan memorizes cartoon episode.  Current favorite is Handy Manny (it used to be Caillou).  Handy Manny carved pumpkins.  That is why Jonathan knew to say "Two eyes, then a nose, then a mouth."  It is part of him scripting that he does.  It is funny that he knows the right situations to pull out the right script.

So when we asked if Jonathan wanted to go to the bowling ally, we knew he would be all about it.  We currently have 3 episodes of Handy Manny's that revolves around the bowling ally.  He, of course, brought his tools with him.  I just didn't realize they would also be playing.  I hope I didn't have to pay for their lane.

Pat and Stretch Go Bowling!

As you may have read, Jonathan has an obsession with yellow milk.  I bet you didn't know, yellow milk also dressed up for Halloween.  I mean, he is a member of the family.

Looking smart, yellow!

Oh, and don't leave out Pepper in the quirky department.  She is pretty funny herself.

Old McPepper Had a Farm!

Just a small helping of quirk.  :)

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