Sunday, September 25, 2011

An uneventful week :)

We've had a pretty un-eventful week here.  Just the way I like it.  Jonathan still working hard on controlling his environment ...example: a tantrum if we pull the car into the garage.  That was the biggest catalyse over the weekend.

But he asked to go to the library yesterday.
"Go Library.  Blue car.  See trains." 
We went and he played with EVERYTHING, except the trains on the train table.  Ahh irony. 

He reported that the sun was up at 7am today.  This after being up since 5:30.  But he was very excited about "SUN!"  Me?  Not so much.

Oh, and while watching Handy Manny, his latest fav, he's been laughing and repeating a lot of the lines.  But once in a while, he'll say, "Hi Kelly!  I'm Jonathan!" 

And he's been watching an Elmo's world about books.  Mr. Noodle (Jonathan's FAV!) reads a book upside-down and has reading glasses on.  The other day, I was in the basement getting the laundry.  Mike was mowing the lawn.  As I was walking upstairs, it was oddly quiet.  A sure sign something was wrong.  I start yelling, "Jonathan! Jonathan!"  He surely went outside without me.  He's probably running in the street. What if he gets hit by a car?!  "Jonathan!  Jonathan!"  I'm looking around.  Not at the table.  Not outside, as I look out the window.  And then I look right in front of me.  He's sitting on the couch with a pair of sunglasses on holding a book upside-down with a little grin.  He was being Mr. Noodle.  And he was waiting for me to notice him.  I laughed.  He laughed.  It was really funny.  I wish I had a picture. 

I do have a picture of this...  He's playing hide and seek with his Handy Manny tools. 

"Felipe!  Where are you?  Squeeze!  Where are you?"  He's hiding them under the sleeping bag.  :) 
Like I said, just another uneventful day here.  We're just playing. 

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