Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Son, the Neighborhood Streaker

"Pants off."
"Shirt off."

This is being heard more and more at my house, and it ain't me or Mike! 
And when we're inside, I don't mind.  But sometimes it happens when we're outside, at dinner, shopping, school, you name it.  My son is a stripper.

Recently he does not like to get wet or dirty.  Not one drop.  A splash of ketchup =  no pants.  Just wash your hands = no shirt. 

Who needs clothes when I have these stickers?

This morning, he literally climbed up on the counter (we have a Learning Tower there, so he can be even level to the countertops in the kitchen) and started taking his pants and diaper off.  This past weekend he took his pants off in our neighbor's drive-way.   

Now I know "typical kids" do this too.  And right now, it is hilarious.   I'm choosing to laugh, as I carry him off to change.  It's a good thing he's cute. 

You can even garden without pants!

"I cook naked.  I clean naked.  Naked, naked, naked!" - as quoted by Elaine from Seinfeld

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