Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jonathan and his Posse

I've often wondered what the neighbors are thinking when they see 5 women in their early 20's leaving my house.  Or what they think when they see them coming and going separately at various hours during the day.  Mike does work from home...what is going on there??  On neighbor asked me about all the UPS deliveries, but I don't think she had enough guts to ask me about the women. 

Ahhh, in-home therapy.  So glamorous!

I mentioned, Jonathan now is receiving ABA Therapy through the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP).  He has one-on-one therapy for about 25+ hours a week, on top of going to school in the morning.  He will also start speech, occupational and special ed therapy at school, which he had last year.  But now he has the one-on-one at home now too.

We have 3 or 4 line therapists, mostly recent college grads.  We also have a senior therapist, clinical director, and clinical supervisor.  (I'm already looking for thrifty Christmas gifts to get everyone.)  These people are coming and going from my house all the time.  We also have weekly meetings, bi-monthly meetings, and a re-evaluations every 6 months.  (I'm exhausted just writing this.)

How has Jonathan reacted?  He likes therapy. He has funny inside jokes with each one, and eagerly greets them when they arrive at the house. He get rewards. ABA really values positive reinforcement.  He does great at the academic part.  He has a hard time at the playtime choices.  His days are very structured, which has provided GREAT challenges. 

He currently does anything and everything he can to control his environment.  He wants the lights off, he wants the lights on.  He flips the switches.  He wants the milk (yellow milk) out and placed in a very specific area on the table.  He wants the door locked.  He wants the door open.  You never know what he wants, but if it is not the way HE wants it...tantrum time!  Since WEAP started, I feel like he's become more autistic, or at least demonstrating more autistic behaviors.

Yellow Milk in it's proper place

This may be part of the process.  He may be flexing his muscles here.  But he is verbalizing and telling us wants and needs more.  There's that silver-lining!  But he is interacting...small victories.  Small victories.

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