Sunday, September 4, 2011

Merry Christmas, Elmo!

First off, I am overwhelmed by the comments of love and support about the blog.  I once told Mike, that despite all the recent awareness of Autism and the increased diagnosis, it still very much feels lonely and isolating. And if you know me, I am anything but lonely and isolating!  It is so hard to go out and find support networks when you feel like you're in survival mode.  But I'm sure we'll get there.

Sunday morning.  8am in September.  We're watching "Happy Holidays, Elmo."  It is Jonathan's favorite movie we have on the DVR.  We've been watching it since we taped it in December.  I'm hoping this coming holiday season, he will be really into it.  It's like we've been prepping all year.  Ocassionaly, our menorah for Hanukkah is Jonathan's "lovie."  He'll bring it to school with him, place it on his nap mat or just hold it all day. 

When he was little, his first odd lovie was a plastic egg.  Then we moved on to the butter spray.  Tons of books, photographs (of Mommy and Daddy holding objects. An attempt at making flash cards he would like.  He just wanted to hold them).  Oh, and don't forget the Thomas the Train PJ, size 2T.  He would carry those around, and still sometimes demands on wearing them. 

I don't understand or know where he gets his affinity to these objects, nor do I really care.  It just makes me laugh.  I have a feeling the Toy Story toothbrush we got at the dentist is next up.  He won't let me put it in bathroom where we brush our teeth.  It is currently sitting on the coffee table.

And since we've watched the Elmo Holiday movie so many times, I expect we may need t start celebrating Kwanza this year too.  We already do Christmas and Hanukkah.  Who knows what Jonathan has in mind for us. 

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  1. He sure sounds like a sweetheart and a lovie himself!! I bet you all know Elmo Holiday by heart:)) Too cute - nothing like having little ones around at the holidays. Cats are fun but not quite the same;-) XO