Sunday, May 19, 2013


It is late.  I'm trying to get him to sleep.  It is already an hour past his bedtime, yet he is wired.  I lay down beside him, and in my calmest voice, tell him to sleep, while I stroke his back.

He pops up, looks at me and says, "And tomorrow will be Monday.  We will have muffins for breakfast.  And on Tuesday, we will have blueberry bread for breakfast.  And on Wednesday, we will have french toast sticks for breakfast...."
He told me the entire breakfast menu for his school for the next upcoming two weeks.  Then the lunch menu and then the snack menu.

I thought, he couldn't know this.  I got up.  Went to take a look at the copy we have.  And sure enough, he was right.  He memorized the menu. He even was clear to say, "on Monday we will be closed for Memorial Day."  Yup.  It said exactly that on the menu.

See.  Totally something to get excited about.

He makes me laugh.  His obsessions are odd, random, and often hilarious.I've even called them quirky.
Here they are, in no particular order:

Blue Car
Lightpole (specifically the one across the street from his school)

hark!  i see lightpole!

Signs (aka, traffic signs at the busy intersection near our neighborhood)
The Calendar
Yellow Milk 
Trader Joe's Elevator.  Making sure we have a silver suitcase with us when we see elevator.
note the silver suitcase.  it comes with us every shipping trip.  we tell people there is a million dollars in there.

Carnival Rides
ironically, all these pictures were from this weekend alone!

His quirky, funny obsessions just make him who he is. 

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