Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ode to a Lightpole

Some may have heard me mention "Lightpole" before.
Lightpole is actually an electrical or utility pole that is at the entrance of our neighborhood, and right across from Jonathan's preschool.  It was one of the first things he would point out to us when he started talking last year, which was a pretty big step.

I recently mentioned in a status update the he discovered Google maps on the iPad.  And with that, he has been using the street view from our house to the school.  He's not really going to see the school.  He's going to see Lightpole.  And he will keep it on the screen for as long as possible.

Meet "Lightpole"

He has even branched out to "Signs."  I thought signs meant the street signs on the busier road near our neighborhood.  But thanks to google maps, Jonathan has showen me that "signs" to him are the series of utility poles down the busy street.

Sometimes the satellite goes out or something on google maps.  And Jonathan get SOOOO upset.  He wants to see Lightpole and Signs, dammit!  So, on this fine Sunday afternoon, I packed him up in the car for our own, in real time, street view.  He is doing in happy dance in the picture below.

Happy Dance at the Lightpole.  Does that make him a pole dancer?

Lightpole in it's full majesty.    

So it made me think.  How many times do you drive by things, stores, signs, utility poles, etc and not think about it?  On your way to work or the store?  A million times!  And really, you have no idea what one little, meaningless thing to you could mean so much more to another.  Reminds you to stop and smell the roses...or in this case, stop and look at lightpoles.

I don't know what it means really.  I don't understand why the lightpole.  I don't have answers.  I just know that Lightpole, like blue car, like yellow milk, bring him comfort.  And that, I cannot question.

Oh, and too cute not to share...he took his Spaceship Clock to school with him last week.  Not plugged in or anything.  But he was so sweet holding his spaceship.  It was his lovey for the day.  Had to share the pic.

Kinda looks like Wall-E.  But it's not.

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