Sunday, January 22, 2012

Someone is getting very demanding

"Mommy, lay down under tent."
"Basketball on iPad.  Basketball on iPad, please."
"Salami and cheese.  Want salami and cheese, please."
"Want blue Telebtubbies CD.  Number 7."

With new language and words, comes new sentence structure.  And I can't help but laugh that he is, very politely, starting to request and ask for things that I don't expect.

Take "Mommy lay down under tent."  We bought him a little tent for Christmas.  He currently has it up in him room, and is his new favorite sleeping spot.  Who needs a bed?  When I put him down for the night, he comes running and says, "Mommy lay down under tent."  A 5 word sentence! He wants to cuddle!  How am I supposed to say no to that?

One of the funnier requests have revolved around the iPad.  He has discovered the apps store.  And he finds apps that he wants, gets it ready, then turns to me and says, for example, "Thomas and Toby on iPad?"  Or "ABCs on iPad?"  Luckily he does not know my itunes password...yet.  But give it time.  I'm sure he'll figure it out.  Oy, I'm in trouble.  At least 95% of what he wants to buy is educational.  I however said no to the Talking Tom Cat dressed as a pirate.  (we have the regular Tom Cat app.  That will have to do.)

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE that he is requesting things and telling us what he wants.  Makes all our hard work so worth it.  Seeing results is very gratifying.

Yesterday, Jonathan had the majority of the day together, one on one.  I took him on his first sled ride.  Let's just say it went downhill (pun intended).  Dressed in snow pants, we climbed a monstrous hill in our neighborhood, battling elements and preteens alike.  Jonathan was a champ getting up the hill.  I put the sled down, plopped him in and sat down behind.  We started down the hill, but were going a bit too fast for me, and I was trying to avoid all the people coming back up the hill.  I put my feet out, and the snow just flew up in our face.  Both of us were covered!  When we stopped, I checked on my buddy.  Jonathan had a look of terror on his face.  Not from going down the hill, but from his wet and covered face.  He started moaning a bit and then said, "oh dear!"  He totally got that from listening to his Teletubbies CD, but it was so appropriate, and hilarious.  I think I was a bit ambitious for this, his first sledding trip.  So we left.  I think we'll try again today on the much smaller hill in our backyard. 

For now, we enjoy our lazy Sunday morning.  I'm typing away, while curled up next to me is my buddy, playing on his ipad. He just said, "Bob the Builder. Can we fix it?"  Good thing we've already purchased that app. 

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