Friday, October 14, 2011

Single Parenting - Day 2 and now 3

We miss Daddy.  Bottom line.

But we're doing OK.  Last night was a bit rough.  Jonathan seems to be having some separation anxiety when it comes to going to bed.  He wants me to stay with him.  It was funny when I was leaving his room and he says, "Mommy goes downstairs.  Watches Handy Manny!"  Yes, that was exactly what I was going to go do ;) 

He's also been watching his digital clock in his room.  He now recognizes the numbers.  So he is having a hard time settling down at night, because he waits for the next minute to change.  He watches the clock and gets super excited.  So I tried laying with him last night, and he was saying "Nine!  Nine and Three!"  "Nine! Nine and Four!"  "Nine!  Nine and Five!"  He did eventually fall asleep.  But so crazy his obsession with numbers.  He has a number puzzle too, one through twenty. And he cannot put it together unless he counts to the next number, presents the number, and then counts up to that number again.  It is a long winded process getting to twenty. 

He is currently downstairs doing his therapy.  Lots of screaming today.  Oh, and he had an awesome tantrum at drop off at school this morning.  We were fine, and as I pulled the car into the parking lot, he yells, "DREIDEL!!"  He wanted one of his Hanukkah dreidels, which of course I didn't have!  Kicking, screaming and me having to carry him into his classroom ensued.  Then he was upset after we got in the school that blue car was parked by the window and not the light pole. He would just scream, "LIGHT POLE!  LIGHT POLE!"  I just could not read his mind and follow his rules this morning.  But I did get super big smiles at pick-up. :)

Daddy comes home tomorrow.  Hooray!  I think Jonathan misses him more than he is letting on.  I think I miss him just as much too.

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