Sunday, October 2, 2011

J and Pepper: A Love Story

Let me start by saying I'm not a cat person.  We had dogs growing up.  I like dogs.  Mike and I did not have a pet as a couple for various reasons.
Along came Pepper.

I'll back up a bit.  Jonathan would follow kitties around at friend's homes.  His favorite cartoon, Caillou, has a cat, named Gilbert.  He always called out cats if he saw them.  It was very apparent, my son was a cat person.
In January of this year, we went as a family to the Humane Society.  I had been looking on-line, and knew we should go there.
All of the cats were either a bit older or did not fit in to our criteria (being patient with a child being the main one).  There was one kitten, and the kind volunteer there suggested we meet her.  Her name was Squeaky.  We all went to the back, private room to get to know her.  Immediately, Jonathan pulled her tail.  I thought, forget it.  This is not going to work out.  As we were sitting there talking, Jonathan crawled into the cat tower tube.  All of a sudden, the kitten jumped on top of the tower, and started batting at Jonathan.  They were playing!  He crawled out, grabbed little ball and threw it to her.  She ran after it.  Then, he suddenly said, "Gilbert!"  Mike and I looked at each other.  We knew we were taking this one home.

 My Favorite Picture of the Two of Them

He loves her!

Buddies Gotta Nap!

On the first day we got her.  She is MUCH fatter now.

Fast forward 9 months later.  Squeaky became Pepper.  A day does not go by where Jonathan doesn't say "Go home, see Pepper!"  "Pepper's eating!"  "Pepper's sleeping!"

Just today, Pepper was sleeping under our bed.  Jonathan started wandering around saying, "Pepper, where are you?  Where is Pepper?"  He found her and said, "Pepper! There you are.  Come here!"

She is truly his friend.

I should also mention, she follows Mike around like a shadow.  She knows who feeds her.  Come to think of it, I think I do the same thing...follow Mike around like a shadow.  What? He feeds me too.  haha!

We're glad we have Pepper. I guess we're all cat people now.  And I love that Jonathan is communicating directly to her.

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