Thursday, October 13, 2011

Single Parenting - Day 1

Mike and I do not tend to spend much time apart in terms of seperate travel.  And really, since Jonathan was born, I think the max has been two nights. 

So this week, I've got single parenting duty for THREE nights / four days. Mike is at a conference in Nashville.  Now I am not complaining.  We are very lucky that this is all that it is. I often think about those families where a parent is in the military and deployed.  Or those who don't have 2 parents.  I am very lucky.  I know this.

Since Mike takes care of the intensive therapy scheduling everyday...being the parent at home while he works, I had to really adjust my schedule.  Again, I'm very lucky to work for a company that will be flexiable with me, and let me work from home in the afternoons this week. 

So yesterday, after we explained that Daddy will be going on an airplane, and Mommy will pick up Jonathan at school, we were ready to go!  He was SO excited to see me yesterday when I picked him up.  However, on the way home, all he could say was "Go see Daddy!" 

He did well with therapy.  Since this was my first experience of being detached from what was going on, it was hard for me.  I wanted to go downstairs and play.  But I had to work...still on the clock!  Mike would explain that there were tough times too.  And boy, I heard it!  When the screaming started, I knew he was having a tantrum, and I couldn't do anything about it.  That would only show that screaming is OK for attention...and if you scream like that, Mommy will come.  So I stayed put.  Like a knife in the heart, I stayed put.  He got over whatever he was screaming about.  All was OK.

So I must have felt very productive after work and after therapy.  I cooked a dinner (if you know me, you know, I DO NOT COOK).  I did a load of laundry.  I made the next day's coffee.  Dished were done.  Watched some Handy Manny with my kid.  OK!  I can do this.

And then came bedtime.  I think Jonathan thought, since Daddy wasn't here, Mommy would go away too after he went to bed.  He was so so sad when I put him to bed.  I could hear him saying, "Mommy.  Right Here.  Sit!"   I did go back up, and like a leech, he would not let go.  I sat with him till he fell asleep.  It wasn't horrible, but not in the norm.

So while I was productive, and all went well, I still missed "Team Farley." 

And I'm exhausted today.  I don't know how single parents do it all the time.  I had to run to Target before I went to work, but after I dropped him off at school today.  I felt like I was running, rushing, and just trying to get it all done.  I guess when you're in the situation, you're in it. You get through it.  And another day will come.

Tonight, I am not cooking. 

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