Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of the School Year. Beginning of Summer.

So with the beginning of June, comes lots of changes:  end of the school year, beginning of summer,vacations, even wearing cooler clothes.  All things that are going to take some prep for Jonathan.

Let's start with school...
He has had his teacher, Miss Jaime for over a year and a half.  He moved to her room January of 2011.  And when he talks about school, it's not just school.  It is "School and Miss Jaime."  He loves her.  She has been a wonderful teacher.  And not to play second fiddle, but the other teacher, Miss Andrea has been stellar. 
Miss Jaime

Miss Andrea

I was kindly reminded how attached he was to his teacher and room prior to Miss Jaime (awesome Miss Kelsey and Miss "Bicki").  And it's true.  He loved that room. And he did great with that transition .   

Jonathan's birthday is only 1 week before the cut off for Kindergarten.  So he is eligible to enter Kindergarten in the fall.  But we have opted to hold him back.  He will be in the 4K class at his current preschool.  This way, we have another year of preschool and intensive therapy under our belt.    So while I'm a little sad he is not going to Kindergarten yet, I know he is going to be better for it.

So come mid-June, they are going to switch him to his next classroom.  We've been working with his therapy team for this transition.  We have a book, a video, a count-down calendar.  I'm nervous.  I think the teachers are a little nervous too.  His new teacher, Miss Shannon has been awesome to let us come take pictures, video, etc her room.  I know it will be fine.  This is just the first of MANY transitions.
 The Pond Room!  We're getting ready for ya!

 Calendar time. Jonathan's FAVORITE!

One transition he is having a problem with are summer clothes.  He INSISTS on wearing pants in the summer, and would often wear shorts in the winter.  It is kinda funny.  But I feel bad that he is sweating it out in sweat pants on the playground.  Oh, and no more jeans.  Must be comfy type pants.  The boy knows what he wants!
Shorts? Flip flops?  Not for me!
 All in all though, we are looking forward to a fun summer ahead.  I signed Jonathan up for swim lessons.  We have a fresh sandbox ready for play.  And TONS of carnivals with rides, which currently is his favorite thing to do!  Happy Summer!!!!

This ride goes round and round, and I love it!

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