Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tell me about a....

Me: Tell me about a car. 
Jonathan: It has four wheels, a window and you drive it!

In therapy, Jonathan has been working on conversations where he is expected for give full sentance answers.  So far, all have been scripted.  The therapist will show him a picture, and ask the question, "Tell me about a ..."  So for a car, they will tell him the answer, and he will repeat it back.  Eventually he will not need the prompt of them telling him, and he can answer himself.

The goal - eventually he will notice things about objects without needing the of the script/answers from the therapists.

So this morning, while snuggling together in bed, Pepper, our cat, walked over. 

Me: Jonathan.  Tell me about a cat. 
Jonathan: It has ear, eyes, whiskers and you pet it. 

Nice!  So I thought I would see if he could respond to a question that he didn't know.

Me: Jonathan.  Tell me about a Mommy.
Jonathan: (looking at me)  It has eyes, ears, nose.....and you hug it!

I think he passed the test :-)

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