Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dual Language Extrodinare!


I was giving him a bath, and he had been mumbling something, and then spurted out with enthusiasm "Fantasico!"

I repeated what he said.  Then he said, "Let's go to the dance party.  Vaminos!"

Ahhh.  It all made sense.  Dora.  We've never watched the TV show, but he has been playing a few games on his iPad with her in it.  And that small phrase was something she says in one of her games.

Echolalia at it's finest.  This time in Spanish!

I was putting him to bed later.  All the while, he was singing "Where is Thumbkin?"

I wonder if he knows what he is saying or singing.  Or if these phrases he often hears over and over again just bring him comfort. 

I have to admit, when he started talking in Spanish, I had the thought that maybe he'd be an interpreter when he grew up.  Or could fully speak two languages.  I had always struggled with foreign language, but maybe he wouldn't. 

Wait.  He's four.  Let's focus on one thing at a time.  HA!

This past week I was out of town for work again.  Mike and J did GREAT.  And I know I was missed.  On Thursday morning, after me being gone two nights, Mike reported that Jonathan kept saying, "M-O-M-M-Y.  That spells Mommy."  When I got home, he busted open the door, saw me, and took off in the opposite direction running with a huge smile on his face.  He was so excited, he couldn't contain himself, he just had to run.  I did get my big hug later.  He kept saying, "Mommy is home."  I felt loved.

He is easy to love right back.  Adios!  

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