Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wife Appreciation

Last week I was reminded of how awesome my wife is, when she had to travel on business for two days. Sure, it was only for one night, and sure, Jonathan knew his mom would be "out of the office" for that one night. He even seemed to be okay with me taking him to school on Friday morning, like Jen usually does.

But then it started. I forgot that I was supposed to park in a specific spot, and Jonathan was screaming "light pole!" Luckily his teachers knew what he meant and I moved the car. Oh, did I mention the kid flat out refused to put a jacked on no matter how much I tried or bribed him? So it was cold out and I was dragging him back to the car to move it. Okay, for now. We get to the classroom and he was screaming something again. Yikes. His teacher, Jamie, said to just go, which I did, but I could see Jonathan's face pressed up against the window screaming as I did leave. Turns out, he was screaming "Katie story!" Meaning, the book his therapists made about one of the therapists who left the company, but who Jonathan is still attached to.

He also refused to put his pajamas on that night, and went to sleep screaming and crying. He is now potty trained for the most part, but we still put a pull-up on him at night. But he refused to even put that on, no matter what I did. Turns out he was just tired and missing his mom, and that's how he decided to act out--falling asleep naked. So I waited until he fell asleep on the floor, then went in and slipped on a pull-up and carried him to bed.

The next day we went grocery shopping, and again he was freaking out about his coat. I finally got him to put it on, but it took a good ten minutes. We went to Trader Joe's and to our regular store, Copp's, and all was okay. The rest of the day was okay too, but it's nerve wracking trying to remember to take him to the potty every hour or two and trying to avoid an accident.

Oh, and Jen is really great about knowing what to bring, everywhere. Meanwhile, I left the house without an extra pair of underwear or his potty seat. And he had two cups of apple juice in him. So when we got to Trader Joe's, we went straight to the potty, and luckily he was able to go there. Whew.

But let me tell you--I was frazzled by the time Jen got home Saturday evening, and Jonathan was so thrilled to see her and to have his mommy put him to bed. And I found yet more ways to appreciate her and what she does around here.

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