Sunday, December 11, 2011

IPad apps

So, if you've been following along our little journey thus far, and I'm sure you know we have purchased on iPad for Jonathan.  And there are MILLIONS of apps out there for kids, especially kids with ASD. 
My good friend asked what apps we like, so here goes!

Educational Apps:
Touch and Learn by Alligator Apps - a which one does not belong type game
Emotions by Alligator Apps - shows photos of different emotions
SeeTouchLearn by Brain Parade - a which one goes together type of game
Touch & Say from interbots - 6 different game choices varying in feelings, colors, repetition, etc
Let's Name Things by Fundeck - Attempts to engage the child in conversation with different questions

Clean Up by Different Roads to Learning - putting items in their right place game
Together by Different Roads to Learning - which one goes together game

Speech with Milo - Prepositions - very cute mouse showing prepositions

First Words: Deluxe - spelling!

Just for fun:
Thomas - by Hit Entertainment - 3 different game choices: match game, puzzle, maze
Handy Manny - Disney Mobile - 4 different game choices - match game, puzzle, coloring and hide & seek
Caillou by Night and Day Studios - uses Caillou characters and pictures and child picks the letters to spell items
Talking Tom Cat - HILARIOUS!

Most of the educational apps were free.  If anyone has app suggestions, let me know too!

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