Monday, September 1, 2014

Eve of a New School Year

You start a new school year tomorrow, buddy.

You did great last year in Kindergarten.  You had some amazing teachers and supporters.  You made people melt with your smile and personality.  You showed others what a sweet and loving boy you are.
This summer was challenging, but you overcame.  New routines, old therapists leaving our team, T-Ball, tornado warnings, new jobs, a new found love of fuse beads, legos, legos and more legos!  And you were such a good and brave boy when we went to say good-bye to Grandpa Jim.

You are silly, funny, hilarious and fun-loving.  I hope this is something you never loose.

As a rainbow shines over your elementary school the day before school starts (literally), my wish for you is you continue being you.... my silly, wonderful, smiley boy.

Have a great first day at first grade!  So excited for a wonderful year!

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