Sunday, December 15, 2013

How Do We Keep Going?

So I really shouldn't check my Facebook first thing in the morning, before my coffee, before I'm upright. 

That was apparent this week: 
I learned of a childhood friend who's husband is dying, and she will soon have to raise two young children on her own. 
I was reminded of the year anniversary of Sandy Hook. 
There was another school shooting.
A "Superman" in the body of a sick 9 year old boy that left us all too soon. 
It made me wonder why it was even worth getting out of bed?

Then I will hear these words from the other room, "Can I go potty?"

And all I can think next is, I love hearing him say full sentences.  

Better get up and make the coffee and start this day.

And I'll remember to not pick up my iPhone / Facebook until after I get a big hug from my sweet six-year old.


  1. hello Mom was googling my own blog and found yours...I am on the other end man child is now an adult , out of school and we are navigating the community and it sucks...I totally agree with this post that when you hear that voice it washes all the others interruptions away and places our focus on why we were put on this earth with this job...good luck ..BTW I have a hard time keeping up with my posts also! I am on feel free to take a peek.

  2. Yep get the hugs happening and the coffee going way before you turn to on technology.

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