Sunday, March 10, 2013

Marching into IEPs, Benefit Shows and General Play Time!

March has been busy, fun and overwhelming!
Here is a quick update on us.


We had his Kindergarten IEP meeting. 
A dozen adults sitting around the table.  Half his current school therapists and teacher, the other half his next year therapists and (possible) teacher.  Plus Mike and I.
It was like an introduction... THIS IS JONATHAN.
They read his current report of how he is doing.  And then we assessed what support we could use for next year.

It went so well.  

Everyone seemed genuinely interested in helping him transition to "Big School."  We took notes on ways to help him over the summer.  We planned on what the first month of school will look like.  The teachers asked about current peers that knew him, to see if they were registered for Kindergarten yet and took notes.

It was not a fight.  It was a discussion.  It laid the ground work for our team for next year.

And I have hope and less anxiety about it.  At least for now.


Jonathan and I leave for Cleveland in a few weeks for the big benefit show
And it has not only become a band reunion, but a FAMILY reunion.
My brother is coming from Nebraska.
My Aunt and cousins are coming from California.
My cousins are coming from Maryland.
Close friends are coming from Columbus, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

There has been an unbelievable amount of support and excitement about this show.  And I am just floored, touched and a little overwhelmed.   

So I'm prepping now for the trip, even though it is a few weeks away.  I made my packing list, schedule the car to be checked, and am outlining Jonathan's book.

Cleveland or Bust!  I can't wait!!!
My Boys help me practice.  Farley Family Jam!

So my buddy has been playing really well recently.  He is interested in Candyland (even though he cheats), Chutes and Ladders and Uno.  At school, we got a picture sent by the teacher of him building a car ramp with a friend.  And it was reported that they played together like that for 20 minutes.  I guess Jonathan had a hard time initiating the play, but the peer asked him, "Do you want to play with me?"  To which Jonathan replied, "Yes!"


Jonathan has also been going to a social skills class once a week with other kids on the Spectrum.  He has been pretty quiet the previous few weeks, but this last week he was calling the other kids by their first name and saying the scripted sentences that he leaned, "I had a fun time with you playing ball!" 


He continues to communicate with Mike and I more and more about what he is thinking.  Even if it comes out as small, three word sentences.
"No wash hair." 
"I go too?"
"It's Friday!  Last day of school!" - yes... my five year old has discovered the wonders of the weekend.

And he has been reading, reading, reading! 

My boy.  He amazes me!

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