Sunday, December 23, 2012

Autism Shines

There is nothing like turning a negative into a positive.  To embrace a challenge and making it into something empowering.

That is what happens when you put Autism parents' backs against the wall.

There has been some, should we say, negative and uneducated press about Autism and Aspergers in relation to the tragedy at Sandy Hook....a correlation that has no merit, I should add.  People were looking for ONE thing to blame...Autism came up as one of those one things (along with many many other things). comes Autism parent bloggers!

An amazing network of parents started a Facebook site, based off a meme one of the other parents created.  It is called Autism Shines.   And I have to say, already in a few short days it has become MORE than just a response to negativity.

There are so many kids like my kid.  So many varied interests.  So many ages, races, level on the spectrum.  But we're all there....all swimming in this sea...and for me, I don't feel so alone. 

I added my son's picture with a little info about him.  And really, it is only just a little info.  He is so much more to me. 

When you have a moment, check out the site.  Throw it a like.  And see that Autism can be scary, but also can make the world shine. 

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